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Cen-Pe-Co offers a wide range of paraffin based specialty oils that can greatly improve the performance and durability of your engine and equipment.  Cen-Pe-Co has been providing its customers with superior lubricants since 1911.  From trucks, tractors, and heavy equipment, to racing engines Cen-Pe-Co provides people with what they need for maximum performance and protection. Reducing bottom line expenses.

Mission Statement

Cen-Pe-Co has been manufacturing the highest quality products since 1911. Over the years Cen-Pe-Co products have successfully protected billions of dollars worth of our customers’ equipment. Serving tens-of-thousands of loyal customers lubrication and building maintenance needs for over one hundred years, the Central Petroleum Company remains committed to manufacturing and marketing the highest quality products at the lowest price possible.

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Wayne Feed Services Cenpeco Oil

Wayne Feed Services Cenpeco Oil

Wayne Feed Services Cenpeco Oil

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